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Reboot of “Using interface encapsulation to listen to linked data predicates”

Introduction 3 Years ago I wrote a blog post which was a submission to the ISWC 2014 Developers workshop. The idea has been implemented with the Enyo framework which at the time was still a viable ecosystem. The implementation has been used in production in various installations of our systems. Time has passed on and the EnyoJS framework is no longer supported, its successor was very much tied to react so would be very framework specific. In order to come up with a simple solution to the encapsulation problem I decided to reimplement the whole idea using WebComponents Design Principle…

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Central Version reporting of deployed artifacts with JEE

While building our RESC.Info solution stack we found ourselves with the challenge to query the build versions of the components installed. After searching the web and consulting various communities we found out there is no ‘standard’ way of solving this. What we actually wanted is a way to query the installed version of the various modules we deployed to the Java Container without any predefine knowledge which modules are actually installed. We did not want to rely on any platform/container specific solution to solve this. The approach taken Java comes standard with JMX, Java Management Extension, it would be preferable…


Using IBM DB2 NoSQL Graph Store in Websphere Application Server Community Edition

This is the first of a series of blog posts about our experience with the IBM DB2 Express-C NoSQL Graph Store (hereafter DB2 RDF) in combination with IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (hereafter WASCE). The DB2 RDF product allows the storage and manipulation of RDF data. The data can be stored in graphs, all according to W3C Recommendations. The DB2 RDF product uses the Apache Jena programming model to interact with the underlying store. In the very detailed documentation there is an outline of products and tools needed to get the basic DB2 RDF programming environment going. This series…

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