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Category: Knowledge Graph Technology

The connections in your data matter.
Named as one of the 5 top technologies by Gartner for 2019/2020. We provide a RDF Knowledge graph which is a open standards based industry strength solution to truly leverage the value of the connections in your data.

Using the Stardog Connection Pool in a Java Container

At Netage B.V. we are happy users of Stardog since version 4, as a Java shop we have plenty of options to connect and talk to the Stardog server which is great news. Our knowledge graph solutions are without exceptions based on a modular approach where various Java Web Archives (WAR) work together in a Java Container, in our case Tomee. All these applications need their own connection to the Stardog server, which leaves an interesting management challenge, how do you maintain the connection settings? Sharing connection settings When connecting to Stardog a set of connection parameters are required, at…

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Reboot of “Using interface encapsulation to listen to linked data predicates”

Introduction 3 Years ago I wrote a blog post which was a submission to the ISWC 2014 Developers workshop. The idea has been implemented with the Enyo framework which at the time was still a viable ecosystem. The implementation has been used in production in various installations of our systems. Time has passed on and the EnyoJS framework is no longer supported, its successor was very much tied to react so would be very framework specific. In order to come up with a simple solution to the encapsulation problem I decided to reimplement the whole idea using WebComponents Design Principle…

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